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Learn what you need to know to reduce your taxes

It may seem like taxes are cut and dry, but that's very often far from the truth. As any good accountant knows, there are many ways to reduce your tax liabilities and either decrease the amount you owe or increase your refund.


By using deductions few people know about and allocating expenses and deductions in the right ways, Massi Hadaegh, CPA, can lower your taxes and make your life a little bit easier.


From start to finish, you can always know that your taxes have been filed the right way, regardless of your situation!

Increase your income

You can expand your income by contributing more money to your retirement account such as a 401(k) or a traditional IRA.


Increase your deductions

You can increase your deductions in many cases by itemizing your deductions and claiming things like accountant fees, investment management charges (over the 2% floor), and child care fees.


Take the tax credits

Take advantage of available tax credits, from child tax credits to college tuition.

Get the deductions and tax credits you deserve

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